Susan R Kaufman

A bronze statue of a man in shorts and shirt.

Into the Moment

A bronze sculpture of a man holding a skull.


Kaufman was chosen to be the artist to do a commissioned sculpture of a retired former catcher for the Chicago Cubs and this was presented to him at Wrigley Field. She has done commissioned work in sculpture, oil painting and mural painting.

Kaufman has been in national publications and her work is represented in galleries and collections nationwide. She is an award-winning artist with numerous first place and judges awards in county and national competitions.

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A group of people sitting on top of a bench.

"I love your work!! The 'common people' with heart and soul, plenty of it, bit of Europe, Kosher Canyon (Fairfax Blvd., L.A.), bit of Fiddler on the Roof, a lot of sensuality. You are a medium, as you completely animate material with heart and soul. I am very taken by your work."

Conceptual Designer and Illustrator
Los Angeles, CA.

A bronze statue of a baseball player in motion.

"As for our recipient's reaction, he absolutely loved it!! I've known this man for years and he was almost moved to tears by not just the gesture but the statue itself. He is an avid fly fisherman who is retiring to Montana to continue his passion. So needless to say, the meaning of the "Bliss" statue was more than perfect."

Senior Marketing Coordinator
Scottsdale, Arizona

Three bronze statues of a woman, man and child.
A gold statue of a man holding onto a rope.